Very Human Crew

We are a team of advisors, strategists, innovators, designers, researchers and analysts. For many years, we have been team-solving problems using human-centred design approach. We share knowledge about how to do research, how to generate good ideas, how to prototype and test them, create solutions that are more people-friendly and implement innovations in organizations. We observe new phenomena, interpret the trends and  translate them into products and services.


We adhere to the Berlin Code of Conduct.

Together, we create


Bartosz Baca

  • analysis
  • strategies
  • project management
  • public sector
  • passenger experience

Dominik Postaremczak

  • design research
  • education
  • vocational training
  • SME's

Iza Bernau-Ławniczak

  • food design thinking
  • conducting design processes
  • stimulating creativity

Joanna Krombholz-Zabielska

  • CSR
  • innovations
  • conducting design processes

Wojciech Jagodziński

  • design research
  • vocational training
  • SME's

Wojciech Ławniczak

  • design management
  • innovation
  • human-centered design methodology
  • strategies

Our clients include:

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